Anniversary // Bill & Ann Allen

Bill & Ann, Congratulations on celebrating 60 years of Marriage!!! WOW!! Love and prayers for many more ❤

Thank you for letting Puthukeril Film & Photography capture your beautiful celebration!!! Hope these memories last a lifetime ❤

Graduation // Crystal Gibson

Partna Partna, CONGRATS!!! You sooo deserve this recognition!! You have worked so hard and I’m so proud of you. First off, I am so thankful I got the chance to work with you this year! You supported my first year of teaching with immense patience and love! I am so thankful for the many laughs, smiles and crazy sign languages through our doors to communicate!! LOVE YOU ❤

God Bless You girl and praying your life brings you nothing but joy and happiness ❤

Wedding // Elson & Joelah

Elson & Joelah, your wedding was absolutely beautiful!! From the first look to Elson’s prayerful tears over y’alls marriage…MAN absolutely beautiful! I was so honored to capture some beautiful memories for y’all and I hope they last for a lifetime! Love and Prayers as you embark on a journey to Austin, TX to start your new married life!! God bless you both abundantly ❤

Mother’s Day // The Nasrullah Family

Mrs. Nasrullah is a great co-worker of mine and absolutely hilarious. Seriously, you have to meet her to understand!! She has brought nothing but smiles in my life and I am so thankful for her support, guidance and love during my first year of teaching. I had the privilege of taking some photos of her and her two adorable babies!! Enjoy ❤

Wedding Highlight Video // Binoy & Sharon

I met Sharon on a Missions Trip to Bogota, Colombia and I was so encouraged by her presence. She is a bubbly sweet lady and her passion for Christ never left her lips. Literally….she has a beautiful voice and to witness her singing at her own wedding was absolutely A-mazing!!! I love you Sharon and I was so honored to capture a small bit of your beautiful union of marriage with Binoy. We wish you both nothing but happiness and joy as you embark on a journey to serve our risen Savior! Love and Prayers to you both ❤

Binoy & Sharon Wedding Highlight Video