Our Team // Jeremy King

Jeremy King is a wonderful friend of mine and an excellent photographer!! We worked so well together at one wedding we did last summer that I had to ask him to be a part of the team. He is a family man and an encourager. It brings me great joy to be working again with him and know that you will not be disappointed with his creative photography work!

10 Fun Facts about Jeremy:

  1. My wife and I lived in Germany for  2 years. We once spent a night in the castle where the owner threw the key down to us from the turret to let us in.
  2. I bought the house I grew up in from my parents and currently live there. My parents built a new house next door.
  3. I was  an Aerospace Engineering student for 2 weeks.
  4. My wife and I are both 3rd out of 4 children, and we have four children.
  5. I played french horn in the Auburn University Marching Band. It was a great way to see football games.
  6. I first got seriously interested in photography in the 7th grade through a class photography project. Back then I shot with a second hand Sears branded 35mm SLR made by Ricoh.
  7. While in Germany, I designed one of the suspension components for the early 2000s Mercedes M-class SUVs.
  8. I was one of three founding members of the Auburn University Formula SAE team that designs and builds race cars every year.
  9. I was once had a universal remote control watch and thoroughly enjoyed seeing people’s reactions when I randomly turned off TVs in public places.
  10. My most awesome snow experience was a sledding run in the Austrian Alps that required a 45 min hike to the start. The ride lasted a solid 15 minutes non-stop with breathtaking (and sometimes terrifying) alpine views.