Portraits // Joe & Kristina

Joe & Kristina were so much FUN! Seriously, and they have the cutest pups ever!!! ❤ I met Kristina at Burn Boot Camp and partnered with her for many workouts!! Love this community and LOVE her! Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family! Love you guys, you made this photoshoot pretty hysterical. ❤

Engagement // Raj & Asha

So the hubs and I were doing a wedding in Atlanta and we met this really fun adventurous couple. In prior to making our trip out to Atlanta we planned out all the details for this adventurous engagement shoot. It was interesting thats for sure haha! I love new experiences and I love being put in physical cold conditions to really bring out the beauty for a shoot. So the adventure begins by climbing Stone Mountain Y’ALL at 6AM in the morning might I add, ALSO carrying a 50 pound bag with all my camera equipment AND 35 degree weather with extreme winds at the top. IT wasn’t looking all that great BUT let me just say that for the pictures I took…IT WAS SO WORTH IT! The sun was gorgeous, Raj and Asha y’all were gorgeous and it could not have been a more perfect day. So glad the hubs and I can make friends along our journey of the Puthukeril Photography business because it makes what we do so worth it and filled with so much love.

Portrait // Jennifer

Jennifer is one of my best friends and overall a wonderful human being. We both share a love for dance and music and will sing so loud in the car without any embarrassment whatsoever. I was so thrilled when she took the opportunity to fly out to Georgia from Toronto to visit me and the hubs. She was the perfect candidate to take portrait shots of, her personality is so upbeat and her smile so contagious it could not go unnoticed. Love her and LOVE these photos ❤


Senior // Ivie & Scott

I met the lovely Ivie and Scott through a dear co-worker of mine. I have to give a quick shoutout to this co-worker…Miss Frazier you are a wonderful human being and I’m so thankful for your friendship and support in my time working in Georgia. These lovely folks drove all the way out from Macon, GA to get their Senior photos done; I felt so honored. I want my photos to always reflect my clients’ personalities and when I got the chance to share in that opportunity you betcha I would take full advantage of that. Senior photos are so special, it marks a precious time in a student’s life that becomes a memory for a lifetime. Your accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Congrats graduates ❤

Portrait // Coleden

Coleden is a sweet loving boy filled with lots of energy. He turned 1 during the time of this shoot and boy it was a messy time haha. There was cake everywhere but it was all worth it in the end for him. Nothing could bring this baby boy down!! Thanks Linda and Courtney for sharing your time with this sweet boy with me. I enjoyed taking his pictures and I hope they will serve for memories to come ❤